I have a serious case of wanderlust.

There’s something about traveling to another city that reframes my mind and makes me feel “alive” again. New scenery, new streets, new restaurants, new terrain. People watching and wondering what their stories and backgrounds are. The possibilities are endless. Think of all the memories and experiences you’ve had in your lifetime. Everyone you see on the streets has as many – or more – and they’re all unique to them. What landed you both on this very street and this very point in time? What formed their world view, the way they dress, the way they talk, what they value. Anyways, back to traveling. For me, it frames the world from a new vantage point, but also shows how massive the scale of the world is. Everytime I fly in or out of Dallas I’m reminded how big the world really is. I’m overlooking a city, especially at night, and all I can see on the horizon is an endless sea of lights. And the entire DFW metro area represents only about 3% of the U.S. population! And the U.S. represents only about 3% of the world’s population! On one hand, that could be intimidating, but it could also be liberating enough to gain confidence in the only person you really can be – yourself. Maybe that’s why I have such wanderlust. The excitement of new feelings. To uncover the adventure again. Like those feelings that arise that you haven’t felt in years, or ever. What causes this? And are there millions of more feelings that are still undiscovered. I felt the same way when I returned from Miami in 2012 as I do from San Diego 2019. I felt like a new human. More confident and more excited to explore more. I only lack the Pacific Northwest, Northeast, and Midwest. I’ve now visited both coasts and live in the South. I still love the beach vibe more than any other vibe. I prefer that to anything urban like Chicago or New York – but to be fair, I haven’t visited either yet. But I have a strong inclination I will still prefer San Diego over either, based on my experiences so far in a big urban area like Dallas. I think urban areas greatly increase the level of stressors because of the population density. Whereas beach areas are more laid back and not so much in a hurry. The south is this way too, but doesn’t have the openmindedness of California. Cali is the perfect blend of pleasant weather, easy going culture, openmindedness, and innovation too. I wonder….could the slower pace of life actually be more condusive to innovation? I often feel more creative when my mind isn’t so clutter with decision after decision, stressor after stressor. Instead of wasting valuable attention and brain power on traffic, meetings, deadlines, etc., the mind is free to wander where it desires. When the world slows down and you notice opportunities for positive change.

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