What is ‘work’ nowadays?

As you already know, the world is vastly more connected since the emergence of the internet. We exist in a period of history called the “Information Age”, which is characterized by the shift from industrialization to information technology (or “IT”). Plainly speaking, I.T. is the process of storing, manipulating, or distributing information, which, by itself, isn’t a new concept. What has changed over the last … Continue reading What is ‘work’ nowadays?

1,000 Ways to Live

Don’t worry, this isn’t an article about existentialism or some circular discussion about God. What I want to talk about is lifestyle. When I was younger – and even today – I had a perception of life as following a certain series of steps. High school, then college, then get a job, get married, have kids, get promoted a few times, then retire and play … Continue reading 1,000 Ways to Live


I have a serious case of wanderlust. There’s something about traveling to another city that reframes my mind and makes me feel “alive” again. New scenery, new streets, new restaurants, new terrain. People watching and wondering what their stories and backgrounds are. The possibilities are endless. Think of all the memories and experiences you’ve had in your lifetime. Everyone you see on the streets has … Continue reading Wanderlust