Crescent City Conversation with Ben Parker and Alex Engle

Ben Parker and Alex Engle join the podcast from New Orleans – aka The Big Easy – aka Crescent City – aka Sin City – to talk everything from CBD to risque podcasting advertisers.

Life Lessons with Mark Mcree

Mark McRee is a financial advisor for Edward Jones and he joins the podcast to chastise me for not having a real job yet. We talk politics, career, finances, and existential issues.

Heltzel Dances with the Devil

Rob Heltzel joins the show to talk about his near-death experience at the Tour Championship in Atlanta, GA. We also talk real estate and the all important issue of whether Popeye’s new chicken sandwich outmatches Chic-fil-a.

Sitting Down in Sunny San Diego

Thinking Out Loud

From the sunny shores of San Diego we have fun chillin’ and relaxin’ and being all “cool” on the patio.


We kick off the podcast with a real BANG! My business partner, Chris Harkins, and I discuss Dallas weather and traffic for 5 mintues before he bails for a fancy dinner engagement. We had a good run together.